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Laser Tattoo & Skin Pigmentation Removal Specialist

At RETHINK ME our service is tailored to ensure you reach your end goal of:

  • Full tattoo removal 

  • The opportunity to fade an existing tattoo to enable a better looking cover up 

This will be achieved in the safest and most effective way.

We achieve this through a detailed consultation where you...

  • Discuss the options available to you

  • Outline the procedure and timings

  • Our comprehensive aftercare and support service

Together this provides you with exceptional customer care and support.​

Using the AW3 Flash Ink ND Yag Laser system our technicians are fully trained and certified by AW3 trainers. Our laser removal system is routinely maintained by AW3 engineers to ensure they are compliant with the manufacturer's specifications. This can be viewed online.

Before and after 1st treatment

We recognise there is currently a lack of information available on the laser removal process, so before any treatment takes place we ensure we provide you with all the knowledge and understanding required to enable you to make an informed decision and feel confident that your treatment you request will achieve the desired results.         




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